Monday, May 17, 2010

Iron Man 2!!!

Image Copyright Marvel Entertainment, LLC, 2010
Director: Jon Favreau
Production Designer: Michael Riva

To late?? Ok, this time it's really been a while. I apologize to anyone that has been checking the blog every so often only to be sorely disappointed by my lackluster updating practices. I won't get into excuses, but will say that there is lots of work I did for the Iron Man 2 movie that I can finally show.

I came onto the film initially to work on buildings for the Stark Expo. There were many slated for what was then to be a retro-futuristic re-imagining of Howard Stark's expo '74. It was a rigorous learning experience working with Production Designer Michael Riva who was ever energetic, inventive, kind and demanding. I definitely had to kick it up a notch to satisfy a loaded pre-production schedule in which a wide range of ideas were on the table; all of which had to be visualized to be a more relevant part of the conversation. There was a prescribed menu of work dictated by the script, but every once in a while there was the fun "what if we did this?" I worked on a wide range of designs for the movie and of course there were some that never made it to the screen as a three hour run time is frowned upon. Some of the designs I was fortunate enough to work on were significant to the story, some were not and didn't make the cut. I enjoyed creating all of them regardless.


  1. HEELLLL YEAAAH! Jonathan, I check your blog very often (since I bookmarked you!), it's so cool to see your work - so much WORK!!!
    Well done, I am really glad to see ironman is out, I knew you were working on it.
    By the way, is there any chance I email you? (or you're still busy to reply?)

    Thanks again.

  2. I think I found my new desktop background image... ;)

  3. Bacon, I think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! Of course you can email me Luca!

  4. JBACH! Awesome work, man! I was actually looking through the book earlier! You are one talented man!

    Rock on!