Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodbye My Friend

On Norm Schureman

It's been over a week now and some things have run their course with the shock of hearing about Norm's passing. I just wanted to say some words of thanks for a man who always put me on the spot and beckoned me with a hearty smile to meet and surpass my potential. I was lucky enough to have taken two of his classes at Art Center and TA'd for two more. The short time I spent sketching with him were some of the most formative in my life as a designer and an artist. He was a kind and generous adventurer; the kind of guy you wish was your uncle. To my great fortune he treated me like family though I was only one of his many students. This was not only a matter of him taking a liking to me, but it was just the way he treated people. This was evident at the many get togethers he held at the house always populated by students and friends. He was as generous in sharing a beer as he was in sharing his home, his family, or his time. I will always hold a very dear place for Norm and his family in my heart.

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