Monday, May 17, 2010

Hall of Armor

All Images Copyright Marvel Entertainment, LLC, 2010

Good times. This started as an extension of the 3d holo system that Tony uses to design his toys throughout the film. One idea was that in this film you would get to see how the suit was assembled and disassembled through the awesome apple-esque work surface that covers Tony's entire garage. Michael Riva envisioned the suits on display in a clean black room at the back of the garage. Tony would walk in where a rush of air coming up from the grated floor would bring your attention downwards where you would realize that the Hall of Armor goes down another level or so. When activated one of the suits would lower through the floor on a cartridge delivering it to the machinery that disassembles it to be built onto Tony at the other end of the garage. You would see all this happening through the holographic interface covering the floor.

Jon Favreau eventually ended up going with the much simpler version--shown at top--that made it to the film.