Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deralicte My...

In the future with the prospect of overpopulation and premium real estate growing ever more scarce, some brilliant marketing execs may endeavor to sell the inherent beauty of the slums to the well-heeled customer. Thriving in some of the most downtrodden regions of the world's megalopolises will be glistening orbs of excess, housing the most fashionable elite. These wealthy few will look out onto the colorful detritus of the lower class toiling through there days like so many ants behind glass.


  1. Hey Jon,

    Great piece and cool concept! Very refreshing blog, with a ton of excellent work.

  2. hey man, awesome body of work! good job
    i dunno how i missed your blog till now :D
    keep it up.

  3. you know, i read this awesome article about how the majority of the world lives in slums now and that living in a slum is more common than not...

    ok i looked it up, and it is a book that the article was talking about: Planet of Slums by Mike Davis. I'm trying to post the link to the amazon page and an article but this comment box isn't letting me.

  4. Will this do?..Looks like an interesting read: