Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dangerous Chase

Whew! It took a while to get something new on the blog. Work has been crazy for a while, but slowed just long enough for me to have a little fun on a painting that is totally different than what I've been doing for Iron Man 2. This piece was inspired by one done by an incredible painter known to me only as dshong: I love the way his paintings look as if they were as easy to him as describing something through words; just really fluid and fun. I had a great deal of my own fun on this and hope to do more in this technique.


  1. So sick Jon. David Hong is badass. Looks like youve learned a lot from studying his paintings. Looking forward to more!

  2. Awesome! That link is really wicked as well!

  3. Awsome... yeah, this is the style that I'm struggling hard to get! Hopefully I get it someday.
    It also reminds me of Kekai Kotaki who's also a great kickass. Check him out if you haven't :)