Monday, February 2, 2009

Mecha Fetish

Working on Star Wars, you would think that I got robots out of my system. I did get to do a few, but as it turns out that only added fuel to the flame. I've always loved mecha (I was a big fan of evangelion, armored core, zone of enders..) and I don't think I've really gotten a chance to explore them to the extent that I'd like so I did a few in different styles for fun. I'd also like to explore powered suits, and so hopefully before long I'll have a healthy army of these guys.


  1. Jon!! Very glad to see you've set up a blog...
    Nice mechs. I look forward to more works here.

  2. Thanks Thom, thanks Luca. It's been fun doing personal work and putting this together. I'll try to get stuff up here more often.

  3. Sure man... you can count me on a regular follower of your blog. Also I added your blog to my "Interesting Blogs" list on my blog page! ;)