Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful Circus Comps

Disney's Oz: The Great and Powerful has finally come and gone and it was truly a transformative experience for me.  I spent nearly two years working on it from its early beginnings with the ever professional and kind Sam Raimi through to its late days in post.  It was a film where I had the opportunity to work at almost every level on a film that an illustrator/concept artist could and really see how the sausage is made--in the best possible sense of the phrase. :) I can't say enough about the crew of the film and in particular would like to thank director Sam Raimi, Producer Grant Curtis, Production Designer Robert Stromberg and Art Director Stefan Dechant for giving me a chance to prove myself as an artist and the patience to stretch my skill into new directions.  

Without belaboring how cool it was to work on I just wanted to finally put up some work.  With this post I'm sort of starting at the beginning, but the rest will probably not be in perfect order.  Thanks!

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  1. Amazing!!!
    Impressive camera planes, Congratulations my friend!!

  2. Thanks David! These had to be done super quick so I think the looseness made the views more dynamic.

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  4. I don't want to bother you commenting in all of your post but thank you so much for sharing the artwork from the movie. Your renders are amazing and the pencil sketches make me want to grab my sketchbook. It is an incredible movie with awesome architecture and beautiful sceneries. I cant wait to see more of your art

  5. Hey man,
    Thanks for the comments! :)
    I've just been going through all your Oz work. Amazing body of work mate. Really impressed!

  6. Thanks for checking out the stuff Giovanni!

    Jon, your work is mind blowing lately! Really inspired!!

  7. Dude!!! so much new stuff! I love it all man. Great work on the film.

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