Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Return

Just saw District 9 last weekend, actually saw it twice. It was such a great movie and I can't say enough about it. The film blew my mind with it's genre-crossing format and visual style, juxtaposing aliens and their technology with a South African slum. Shartlo Copley brings an amazing perfomance to an amazing character concept through a well-written script and a good amount of improv. I'm hard-pressed to think of a more conflicted unlikely hero than him...I'm going to get a portrait of Weekus 70hrs after exposure tattooed on my chest. :) Anyway, this painting was loosely inspired by that movie and it depicts the long-awaited arrival of a ship back to it's people. Whether or not they go back and bomb the earth is up to Niel Blomkamp.


  1. nice painting, I think I still have to watch this movie...

  2. It was a wild film...not what I expected at all, and that was good!

    Craaazy stuff here! I love your mechs especially.

  3. beautiful! great work Jonathan!

    Can't wait to see more man. I really love the detail and composition



  4. woah these are awesome, i love how the gate looks

  5. Thanks for the comments fellas. I wish I could do more in this vein right now, but I'm busy at the moment with a project for Square. Good to be working though.

  6. hello! great artwork in your blog!
    I specially like your Mucha versions and the illustration you did from them.
    The environments and machines are great too.

  7. Damn nice stuff in here. Thank you for the kind words and yes, that movie kicked ass! :)

  8. Awesome enviro man! I really like the composition, and that closeup is dope too! I know just what you mean, D9 has definitely attached itself to my fan boy receptors as well.

  9. wow man! these are totally epic! I love the color, composition, design and pretty much everything. I'm pretty much on the same boat with you about D-9. really cool work, can wait to see more.